OYSTERS (six or twelve only)   18/36
mignonette, horseradish, lemon, tomato caper sauce


MUSSELS tomato, garlic confit, sumac preserved lemon,
parsley   9

ANTIPASTI cured meats, pickled vegetables, marinated
olives, olive oil, zucchini fritti   16


ORANGE SALAD shallots, chilies, basil, white balsamic
vinaigrette   7

MARKET SLAW croutons   7

GOAT FETA MOUSSE cucumber, rosemary roasted
peppers, tomatoes, marinated olives   8


ANISE CURED TENDERLOIN pickled heirloom carrots,
smoked mustard   11

FOIE GRAS TORCHON baked apple brioche,
savory marzipan, cranberry   12

SAUTEED SMELTS collard greens, garlic, lemon   9

CLAM BAKE pork belly, tomato, fumee   16

LOBSTER BISQUE - poached tomato   12

SMOKED SALMON grapefruit and beetroot salad,
French beans, dill and vermouth vinaigrette   16

DRY RUBBED SCALLOPS duck confit cassoulet,
carrot cardamom sauce   13

BOUILLABAISSE saffron lobster broth   20

SEA BREAM stuffed with blue crab, preserved lemon,
salsa Genovese, garlic chips   16

ARCTIC CHAR Roasted artichokes, Kalamata olives,
cherry tomato, tarragon buerre blanc   16

HALIBUT Luxchinken ham, wild mushrooms, roasted
tomato vinagrette, beet greens   18


averna jus   12

ROAST CHICKEN BREAST smoked leg, roasted
peppers, almonds, basil, spiced crostini   18


PAPPARDELLE braised lamb, wild mushrooms,
parmesan   17

GNOCCHI chevre, honeycomb, leeks,
pickled beets   12


Artisanal Bread    3

Wild Mushrooms    6

Caponata    6

Brussels Sprouts hazelnuts, parmesan   7

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